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The Story

In the rhythm of life, every individual crafts a unique narrative—a story that unfolds through experiences, passions, and the pursuit of new horizons. Enter the world of Susan Habib, where a Registered Dental Hygienist's precision intertwines seamlessly with an emerging artist's strokes. This is not just a page of oils on masonite; it's a vibrant narrative of exploration, language, and a newfound love for painting that adds depth and colour to the canvas of Susan's life.

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Susan Habib


Meet Susan Habib, a dedicated Registered Dental Hygienist with a passion that extends beyond oral health into the vibrant art world. Since 2011, Susan has been influencing optimal oral care, combining her healthcare expertise with a hunger for creativity. A Canadian Dental Hygienists Association member, Susan's journey transcends traditional boundaries as she fluently navigates between languages—English and Arabic—and explores the realms of French and German. In 2020, Susan embraced her childhood love for drawing, venturing into the world of oil painting. Today, she intricately weaves her roles as a healthcare professional and burgeoning artist, creating a unique narrative on canvas that reflects the diverse tapestry of her skills and passions.

The Process

Susan, can you let me know a little about the process so I can write up a little piece for here. 

can you also get a picture of your self painting or doing something with paint for beside this part ----->

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